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    Hello Everyone!

    I can’t believe its 2 years since I kept in touch! So much has happened and now after some very testing times I’m feeling settled and ready for a prosperous and exciting 2018. A quick recap ... Since my last update I’ve lived in 5 different homes, did a lot of catching up with past friends; (healing) hardly any paid work and eventually at the start of 2017 officially became a bag lady!


    After spending 3 months in the Wicklow mountains, restoring my mind body spirit and house hunting, which resulted in finding the wonderful house in the beautiful place I now reside in. After a total mix up with my long awaited operation being cancelled, losing Bess, the snags on the house to contend with, I eventually became the owner more

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    Well actually it's moving West! Just to put the record straight I'd thought I'd write a blog so that those that are truly interested in the truth can read on. Many of you who know me personally will know that when I moved to norfolk 14 years ago, I had a hankering to move to Ireland and through some amazing events orchestrated by spirit, Norwich became my home and Spirit Essence was born. Now with a little help from my spirit friends again (and after a couple of false starts) I'm continuing the journey of Spirit Essence in County Wexford, Southern Ireland. Exciting times are ahead as I find the right location and continue bringing the sparkle to all who I meet on what I can only describe as an incredible journey!

    It has been a difficult 18 months as I planned t more

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    A Day at the Prison

    I just love the sychronicity of my life! Whilst occupying myself on the train journey into London to do my TV psychic work I was reading a Reiki magazine that had an article on working with Reiki in prisons.... and I just happen to be working in a prison in a couple of days time, so I was curious to know what to expect, as although I had done a Well-being day for the staff, this time I'd be working with the inmates. So the day arrives and after the usual security checks I'm setting up in the Gym area, the noise is deafening a more

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    When I wake up.......

    I am probably a very annoying person, as although I like to take my time (about an hour) to get into full on mode I do wake up with a buzz, full of enthusiasm and excitement for the coming day. I have a quick mental check, am I offering my services in Wellbeing, or enpowering others through my inspirational talks and groups; doing pyschic readings or Reiki in my guise at Spirit Essence ? Or am I having a Tina day? Whatever I'm doing more

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    How many times do we ask ourselves how or why did that happen? It's almost as if something greater than ourselves, outside of ourselves creates on our behalf..... This got me thinking about the MIND, BODY SPIRIT balance, and how as individuals we choose to focus on one, only to find that, at sometime we inadvertently are drawn to look at another or the other aspects of the holistic triangle. The reason for my pondering is quite simple really. I've had an amazing day, and no I haven't won the lottery, found the man or house of my dreams or received some other staggeringly fantastic news to change my life for the better. I have simply been in a place of allowing and acceptance.

    If I go back to my original question about hows and the whys, this for me relat more

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    When I was invited to a day with Richard, the Shamanic shepherd, I really didn't know what to expect and so I went with a completely open mind. It was a beautiful morning although a little blustery, but thankfully the overnight rain had stopped and the sky had cleared.

    I arrived after an uneventful journey up some of Norfolk's tiniest lanes to find Richard, his wife and pack of sheep dogs all very enthusiastic to get on with the day.

    And what a day, we started with a short walk along what was formerly a railway track and is now Marriots Way. This was as much to settle us city dwellers as to allow the dogs to let off some ste more

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    So what do you know about energy? There's an open ended question! Firstly I'd like to say I'm talking about your personal energy rather than utilities and secondly this personal energy has nothing to do with your fitness level, although it can be linked.

    This energy is sometime referred to as Life Force, Prana, Chi or the unseen or subtle energy (yet some do see it or sense it!) So how can you be aware of this energy that is present in everything? You can be still for in the stillness we can sense on a different level; you can be aware of the mind chatter, for this can give you an indication of what is happening in your inner world and being reflected out in your outer world. At o more

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    Want to change the world? Well I'm sure it will come as no surprise that although we are all certainly powerful beings we can only influence the changes in the world by the ones we make in ourselves. The word 'IN' being the key here....If I change myself from the inside, it is far more effective that changing the outside! I know I can make changes and I know by making positive changes my life and the inner me are much happier and this affects the people around me as it is has a ripple effect.

    Last year I knew I had to make some changes and I really felt stuck, on one level I had a brilliant year as I literally crossed the globe, both in my private and work life. I visited Mexico, Hawaii and the US making some important connections as well as working In Australia promotin more

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    After a spectacular turnout of generous people at The MBS weekend Festival at Harford Manor School I have to disagree! I believe Norwich is full of generous hearted people and with their help £475 was raised for Harford Manor School and a further £188 for St Marys Church at Houghton on the Hill. So much love and gratitude to everyone who made this event a success and if you want to see more take a look at the photos on and the list of exhibitors and people who made it all possible.
    Times might be  but there are some big hearted people out there. If you missed the event (or would like a reminder) you might like to take a look on the www.spiritessence at th more

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    Ever wondered if you've got it?


    In my line of work I come across a broad spectrum of people and maybe it's because of what I do I get this question a lot........ “Do you have to be born Psychic?” Well yes..... and now here's the interesting bit we all are! This is where the discussion gets really interesting, when we are born we are almost untouched by life and as such are innocent. I mention almost as there is evidence now that suggests that whilst we are in our mothers womb we are picking up on the what is happening in the big wide world outside. So we are born and for those first few years require the love and n more

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    Crystals aren't just for a Crisis. They are great for Health or Pleasure.

    I have a passion for crystals which I developed about twenty years ago when my children wanted to visit the gift shops at holiday destinations. Whilst they tried to make up there mind how to spend there holiday money I found myself browsing the items for sale and time and time again became fascinated by the the polished gemstones of which there always seemed a basket or two of!

    I brought them home and placed them in a dish and basically forgot about them, until about 5 years later, when I was invited to an evening about crystals. This was when I realised they were much more than pretty coloured stones, they actually could help with health conditions, emotional well being, help to fo more

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