Have you got your energy quota?

So what do you know about energy? There's an open ended question! Firstly I'd like to say I'm talking about your personal energy rather than utilities and secondly this personal energy has nothing to do with your fitness level, although it can be linked.

This energy is sometime referred to as Life Force, Prana, Chi or the unseen or subtle energy (yet some do see it or sense it!) So how can you be aware of this energy that is present in everything? You can be still for in the stillness we can sense on a different level; you can be aware of the mind chatter, for this can give you an indication of what is happening in your inner world and being reflected out in your outer world. At one time it was thought that only living matter could hold this energy and yet we find it present in objects that we wouldn't consider to have energy! I'm talking about things like furniture, watches, vases, everything and anything! Even our thought forms have energy and this brings me to the subject of, you are what you think or rather your thoughts create your reality.

With all the upheaval that is almost occurring daily on our planet is it any wonder that our inner worlds are in constant flux, or is it that our inner world is creating the outer mayhem!?!


Am I suggesting that we are creating the troubles that we are seeing happening all over the world? In essence we can't control what Mother Earth does, although we can certainly help by where our thoughts go and whether they are peaceful and appreciative or fearful and gloomy. I know it's nothing new to think positive and with the worldwide disasters it is certainly proving difficult to maintain a healthy happy attitude, a clear clean space for one's self. I have noticed how since the Japanese earthquake and the talk of radiation contamination, that in my work as a healer the crystals and oils being chosen are have been more frequently about maintaining and protecting the aura; maybe not surprisingly from radiation! When asked by my clients why this is I can only offer the explanation, that our thoughts generate energy and if we have been listening and watching the news bulletins, discussing the tragedy and even speculating what could happen we are linking with the whole energy, that of fear which surrounds Japan at the moment.


With this realisation comes a message that our thoughts are very powerful, I have experienced this phenomena before when I have discussed serious health issues with people, then either chosen crystals or had a bio resonance check myself. The results have been startling as the chosen crystals offer support in combating the illness and the bio resonance check reported a presence of the disease on a cellular level. You may find this startling or even unbelievable and yet consider this:

If you are feeling flat, down and you share this with those around you, who sympathise with and join you by sharing and adding their experiences, what generally happens is you feel better on one level, because you can take comfort that there is someone else going through what you are, or maybe even having a worse time! Although you may feel better than you did and possibly hopeful it isn't the same as sharing a wonderful uplifting experience. This can really get you buzzing, having just returned from the Comedy store at the Forum, it was interesting to see how the common threads of humour ran, and those which appeared to fall on deaf ears. Common ground or Resonance unites us all and I could sense that the energy level of people as they left was certainly higher than when they arrived. Although I can only imagine how the people of Japan are feeling, if I chose to watch the news I'm sure I could start to empathise and link with the thought waves of others and join with 'the herd' instinct of sticking together in a crisis.

My choice is to try as much as I can to maintain a strong vibration of healthy happy energy and continue to see the world as a beautiful place, to appreciate that we are all surrounded by opportunities to give thanks and appreciate the wonderful things that mother earth does in order to to provide for us, that life is a truly magical experience, that maybe, just maybe we will all take a moment to truly appreciate life and all it offers. How many of us really taste the food that we eat, take the time to relish every bite, can connect with the preparation, the production, the origin? How many of us appreciate the clothes that we wear, really feel the fabrics, the fit, the comfort, take pleasure in the design, the creation? How many see the richness of the nature, the depth of colour, the majesty in everything whether it is natural or has been manufactured? When we listen do we truly hear? When we look do we really see? When we stop do we connect with the beauty of silence, capture the moment of perfection, alignment?

Are we aware of our energy, where we begin and another one starts? Can we honestly stand in a space and say this is me and I truly accept and appreciate all that I am, all that everyone and everything else chooses to be, even if that vibration is at odds with mine? Do we, can we accept that we create our own reality, by the thoughts we choose and that we have the choice of whether we are affected by those thoughts and the energies of others? So many questions and all I can say in response is, I have felt the radiance of true alignment, of appreciation, of joy, and in that moment I have glimpsed the potential that this harmony creates. In my acceptance that I am a powerful being, the inner knowing of accepting my energetic connection, makes that accessible to see that in others. To cherish the fact that whoever and whatever I face, the real challenge is maintaining my energy field, keeping it fresh and clear so that each experience is truly unique and neither clouded by preconceptions or the fears of others. My gift to myself and others is to get to know my energy, to take comfort in holding my tone my vibrational level regardless of any confusion that may surround me. To continue to increase that level of awareness and actively work to help maintain that equilibrium in myself and all those I come into contact with. When we are true to ourselves we produce an energy field that is stable and through that stability we can increase our energy by choosing thoughts that support our continued development. We 'grow' through all experiences, joyful ones expand our energy field and you only have to check in with someone who is happy and they will somehow feel lighter, where as someone whose in the the depths of depression will appear heavier, closed off. We each have an energy blue print, a pattern that is unique to us and through our emotional responses we assist ourselves in feeling brighter; of course we can create the opposite! Because we learn to interact and share these responses, from an early age we are aware of the power of these vibrations and begin to catalogue what we believe to be appropriate energetic behaviour, and the cycle begins...... It has been proven that we thrive on praise and encouragement, just as the energy of gratitude has the power to uplift and restore. There has also been studies showing that happy people are healthier people. Whenever we choose to live consciously from a place of love and gratitude, when we deepen our connection in appreciation of each moment and find grace in the present we open up to the gift of living fully, we deepen the connection with ourselves and open to the infinite and endless possibilities of life!

To increase your energy and help yourself feel fully present and resonant with the planet on which you have chosen to live try the following.

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart and place one hand on your upper chest. Then say to yourself preferably out loud 'I am in perfect harmony and Resonance with Mother Earth' say this at least 5 times and see if you feel any movement. You may feel yourself want to step forward or back, or sway even. Your intention is to move until you can stand and feel in total alignment, strong and balanced.

  2. Keep a gratitude diary, preferably at the beginning of each day, write at least 10 things that you are grateful for. This may seem difficult at first as the day has not yet happened, but with practise you can create the day that you want to enjoy. Simply start by saying Thank you for the day! If you find this difficult start by cataloguing the day you have just had, remembering to give thanks and finding the gift even if the day hasn't been the best!

  3. Spend sometime alone, even just a moment - 'atonement' again at first this may feel impossible, but even a moment grabbed in the car before you start a journey, or even on the loo! will help you stay in alignment as you go about your day.

  4. Try to appreciate something, someone or even better yourself or something that you do each day, this will help stop any critical mind chatter, freeing up your mind energy for happier healthier more productive thoughts.

  5. Live as if you have it, are it, deserve it!

  6. Live. Love, Give........

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