Hi Thanks for yesterday. Slept much better last night. I am feeling so much better, lots of good things are happening, so thank you so much for your help. 2010 is going to be great. Thanks Margx
Margaret Gaylor 18th December 2009

You read my cards some years ago at the forum and you were spot on! Thank you! You predicted something that none of my family would ever have dreamed would happen. And I remember at the time completely dismissing it. 11 months later it happened and I immediately thought of you! I think you have an incredible talent.
By Suzanne Fossey 11th December 2009

Thanks so much Tina for my crystal therapy session. Since then I've almost felt relieved, like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Don't know what that's all about but it feels good! The day after I found myself starting to get through some of my outstanding work and my motivation and focus has continued. Its like the block I had has gone and nothing's stopping me from getting on with what I need to now. I feel like you MOT'd and serviced me and I'm now ready to continue my journey! Thanks Judith x
By Judith Flowerday 7th October 2009

Someone I met said 'I had a treatment from tina wilkins and I don't believe in this sort of thing but I felt amazing afterwards' - which made me laugh.
By Anne Marie Blatchford 17th September 2009

What an inspiring lady, have been to many talks by Tina and I've have yet to leave feeling low and uninspired... keep it up... Yesterday I had a crystal day with Tina and really surprised myself, many people have said I have a talent, gift, sight what ever you want to call it but I never really believed I just thought they were being nice! How wrong was I, I learned a lot and felt a lot and now feel so wonderful and relaxed that I have had verification that Crystals will be a huge part of my lift.... Was a brilliant day, and met some lovely people. Thank you so much Tina and I will be at the next one and the Chakra day when it is sorted... Love and light and see you soon Vicki xxx
By Queenie 14th September 2009

I have now been to a few of your talks and presentations, from the amazing talk you did at a networking event to the Tao of Tina evenings and each time you never cease to amaze me with your energy, huge smiles and endearingly honest manner. I could listen to you for hours - and always enjoy that huge smile of yours.
By Sara Greenfield 28th August 2009

Tina is a lovely spiritual lady who is down to earth. Through her workshops and awareness groups she has actively enabled me to further my spiritual journey. Her loving nature shines through all her wisdom, yet she remains very humble. She is always ready to learn and to pass on to others the wisdom she has gained. She is one of the best teachers and human beings I have had the pleasure to meet.
By Sue McCarthy on 3rd Aug 2009

Very nice site!
By Pharmc851 on 1st Aug 2009

I had a great time on you Crystal Quartz workshop last weekend and learned so much......... it was a fab experience so thank you very much for that.
By Sarah on 3rd Jul 2009

I came upon your image when researching spirit healers. Must say to you that you are one of the 'Counselors' for the 2012 Spiritual Evolution.
By Rev. Edward Allan Buck on 28th May 2009

I doubt you'll remember me but you gave me a reading on Saturday at the Healing Fair in Norwich and I wanted to write and thank you properly for it.
I asked you to see if my Mum was around as I was unhappy about how grumpy I used to get with her and your reply was targetted exactly at my inner feelings. As I walked out I had a huge smile on my face and physically felt as if a load had been lifted off my shoulders; I hadn't realised how burdened I'd felt about it until after my reading. Even now, several days on, I keep smiling to myself because I am so relieved that we've cleared the air and I also now know that she's with me every day.
By Pat - Norwich on 28th May 2009

I feel so good after my healing with you last Friday - I really am and things seem to be happening.
By Jacki Millbank on 22nd May 2009

Being involved in Alternative Therapy, I like to have some me time and look after myself. I arranged to have a session of Crystal healing. I was amazed in what stones where used and what their meaning was and also the whole sensation of the treatment, very relaxing and felt really good after. I had another session which was equally as good. I was at a point where I had a lot on my plate and was juggling several things at once... I have to admit, my mind calmed down and things just seemed to slot into place after the session... wonderful and I urge anyone to have a session. Thank you Tina.. cannot wait for our next session.
By Linda Thursby on 22nd May 2009

I was very impressed with my recent visit to Tina Wilkins of Spirit Essence. I was immediately put at ease in calm and comfortable surroundings and it felt more like having a catch-up with a good friend. I was treated with true care and consideration and I felt as though my appointment was very much my own special time
I will definitely return in the near future and will recommend your wide range of therapies to friends and colleagues, including those very enjoyable cups of herbal tea.
By Julia Holland on 15th May 2009

If you need to work on the inner you to help your business grow to new heights then Tina is the person that you need to call. For me a session with Tina allows me to switch off, leave the phone, the door bell etc and let my mind relax so great ideas flood in.
By Mark Barton on 20th May 2009

Tina is a true professional and I always feel better after seeing her.
By Carol Kirk on 20th May 2009 

Tina is a very warm and friendly person. On the occasions I have visited the Spirit Essence treatment rooms I have always felt instantly at home. Tina is extremely knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have, which will put you at ease straight away. The Indian head massage was amazing and I came out de-stressed and revitalised.
I would definitely recommend Tina to anyone who wants to help look after the 'whole of their wellbeing' and I hope to go back for more treatments in the future.
By Louise Ives on 20th May 2009

I have used Tina on several occassions and have always found her to be very professional and personable. I have no hesitations in recommending her services.
By Paul Bullinger on 20th May 2009 


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