Its all a matter of choice....

When I wake up.......

I am probably a very annoying person, as although I like to take my time (about an hour) to get into full on mode I do wake up with a buzz, full of enthusiasm and excitement for the coming day. I have a quick mental check, am I offering my services in Wellbeing, or enpowering others through my inspirational talks and groups; doing pyschic readings or Reiki in my guise at Spirit Essence ? Or am I having a Tina day? Whatever I'm doing I can usually generate a buzz for it, so....


When you wake up, what is your first thought? Do you get a buzz? Do you just want to roll over and go back to sleep?.... How many times can you honestly say you love your life? I can!! just lately people have commented on my energy, when I talk about energy I'm not talking about running a marathon or climbing a mountain, I'm talking about exuberance for living, for life. I'm talking about a sense of wellbeing, I'm talking about feeling empowered, tuned it, switched on. The next question I often get asked is how come you are happy?


Another question I get asked is how come you don't get have any problems in your life? Well honestly.... of course I do! I just view them differently... I always try to find the positive in a situation and I look for the 'gift'. The answer to both those questions is it's a choice and believe it or not we all have them! It really is a simple matter of choice.


If I wake up and I feel like rolling over and going back to sleep this is what I do.....


  1. The 1st thing check is I could do with a bit more rest - as our bodies are amazing and can repair and heal themselves with the right attention and thought. If I've only had a few hours sleep, then providing I don't have a pressing engagement I'll allow myself a bit more time to sleep. (sleep is a great healer). If I do have some reason to get up (and most often I do!) I'll spend a few moments changing my energy (reconnecting with the buzz) It's simple when you know how.

  2. If I have an appointment I allow myself enough time to prepare – because I like to take time to be fully awake, I'm aware I need about 60 mins to be in a 'good' place. Make sure you listen to what your mind and body requires to feel blanaced and centred. It a simple requirement to starting out on the right foot.

  3. We all have tasks that we prefer to do, mine is the hands on stuff, working in my business rather than the mundane admin tasks. - try to strike a balance, because I love people I'm happiest when I'm sharing with others, inspiring and empowering. Make a mental note of the tasks that energise you and the ones that don't and then make a plan for yourself with yourself to engage with both. When we tackle something we dislike with a positive attitude, we can create more energy for ourselves. It just takes a few simple adjustments.



It really is that simple, 1,2,3 or A,B,C as remember life is really a simple matter of choice. I'd like to share this quote I received today I hope you find it inspirational......


'Work is only work if you prefer to be somewhere else. Work tends to be a negative perception of a task which we reluctantly approach. Work is only labour when we forget to see our life as it truly is - an opportunity to be creative, enrich others and be enriched ourselves. When we are able to see work in this way, we find something called enthusiasm inside. When we are enthusiastic we work well and we are valued. We are used as a role model. When we work well it is much easier to say no when we need to, for we know our own value, and we are not dependent on others' approval to feel good about ourselves. When we put love and enthusiasm into what we do, it rebounds in the form of opportunities and blessings, two of the most important ingredients of a truly wealthy life.'


I'm happy to help and offer a free 15 minute consultation to help anyone who has read any of the above and immediately thought BUT or I can't do that in my life.....   Enjoy each moment as they are unique and only come but once. 

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