Pondering the Mind, Body Spirit connection....

How many times do we ask ourselves how or why did that happen? It's almost as if something greater than ourselves, outside of ourselves creates on our behalf..... This got me thinking about the MIND, BODY SPIRIT balance, and how as individuals we choose to focus on one, only to find that, at sometime we inadvertently are drawn to look at another or the other aspects of the holistic triangle. The reason for my pondering is quite simple really. I've had an amazing day, and no I haven't won the lottery, found the man or house of my dreams or received some other staggeringly fantastic news to change my life for the better. I have simply been in a place of allowing and acceptance.

If I go back to my original question about hows and the whys, this for me relates very much to the MIND and how each of us has a really powerful one! Mine as a Gemini works overtime, being an air sign I love to ponder and analyse, as well as debate and discuss the whys and the wherefores. So I'm no stranger to reading about how the mind works, how to empty it, keep it positive and all those wonderful philosophies and theories that abound. I love it when someone reminds me, it just is, there doesn't need to be a reason or rationale, it simply can be. Just read that again.... it just is, it simply can be... when I connect with those words I feel an immense sense of peace deep inside, is it in my heart or is it my soul?  (does it matter as long as I feel it!)

So now I'm on to feeling and isn't that a great place to connect MIND with BODY, for our physical is certainly the place of feeling; when we're out of balance we feel pain; we get sick and learn to ignore the emotional signals that our body emits to remind us of how we are feeling. Today I was reminded that it's essential for equilibrium of the whole of me to listen to my body and the signals that it sends me. Now don't get me wrong I'm great at listening to my emotions, the happy and sad signals, I use these in my decision making daily; I love the peaceful state and I know when I feel agitated I'm out of Sync and so I use my feelings to connect with my SPIRIT. I use my emotional indicators to guide me spiritually, assisting me to make the choices that create wellbeing in my life. However I haven't paid much attention to what my body is saying to me physically, as I often look at the symptoms and use my mind to decide what the issue is and how it can be resolved.

I love working with the SPIRIT and as an air sign have no problem using this connection to guide my life, now today I suddenly realised the importance of connecting the SPIRIT with the BODY, for as I know and expound it to anyone who wants to listen, it is the vehicle of the soul, it listens to the MIND and through this connection can display good health or poor depending on the messages relayed. So what happened today... I recognised that although I understand the importance of exercise, eating and drinking to support a healthy system, I have been ignoring what my body has been really telling me. (and to share that I need to get back in my body and out of my mind, which of course is difficult as I need my mind to help me write!) So lets keep it simple. Today I discovered (or maybe re-discovered!) the connection between all parts of my body, how every part of me connects, supports and requires connection with every part of me. This was such a powerful moment and I truly can't convey it verbally, I can't find the words to do it justice, to explain the immense surge of energy I felt. I suppose the underlying message is in the symmetry of the trinity.

  • The Body is our vehicle to experience this life and it thrives when we support it with a positive mind and a cheerful Spirit.
  • The Mind creates a sense of wellbeing which creates a healthy body and a positive Spirit
  • The Spirit joins the mind and the body to work in unison, to enable us.... it just is, it simply can be.

So if your looking for direction, it is good to remember equilibrium comes from equal attention to all parts of the self; when you feel your body has some hidden message, choose body work, that could involve looking at nutrition, exercise, nurturing yourself or allowing someone else to nurture or provide assistance in the form of massage or pampering. Pay attention to your thoughts, for they are powerful creators; use meditation, relaxation techniques and positive sources of help and information to create stillness and a peaceful mind. The Spirit thrives on love and happiness, so learn to feed your soul, listen to your inner guidance, the promptings of the mind and the urges of the body; ask for and accept help and whenever in doubt remember ...... it just is and it can simply just be.


And so from that place of balance we no longer ask about the whys or wherefores,  we intrinsically know that everything just is and simply can be.

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