The beginning...

I began my own journey many years ago, reading Tarot cards for myself and friends. I then became fascinated by crystals and after studying for a two-year period with the Crystal Healing Spiritual Venturers Association, gained a diploma to practise as a Crystal Healer.

During this time I developed my clairvoyance and mediumship, trained in Indian Head Massage (IIHHT) as well as training in the Usui/Tibetan Reiki Tradition to Master/Teacher. I have since trained in Metamorphic Technique gaining my diploma 2007. In 2010 I trained as a facilitator for The Transformation Game, which is a powerful tool for change, self awareness and development. In 2014 I took a diploma to offer Kansa Vakti Foot and Leg massage and in 2015 I trained as a facilitator of Access Barrs Consciousnes. In 2016 with the nudgings of spirit I moved lock stock and barrel to Southern Ireland where I am continuing to provide my services.

In order to share these wonderful gifts and provide an opportunity for others to share theirs, I facilitate Awareness groups, which provide information and a safe learning environment, as well as offering spiritual and inspirational evenings, retreats and workshops. I available as a guest speaker and psychic.

My path is forever expanding and leading me beyond my self imposed limitations. My intention is to continue, to be open to the opportunities as they unfold. To create hope and well being with all I meet, through the energetic link to spirit, which guides and enfolds us all. When we practise mindfulness lfe becomes a joy, after all 'Life is for Living, Loving and Giving'.

I am now offering readings via E mail, Skype and Phone  this consists of you choosing from three categories; you receive a reading of these plus a personally written piece linking them all together, which provides you with inspirational guidance for this time in your life. If you would like to know more please contact Tina.

Disclaimer: For entertainment Purposes Only