Crystals in a crisis?
Crystals aren't just for a Crisis. They are great for Health or Pleasure.

I have a passion for crystals which I developed about twenty years ago when my children wanted to visit the gift shops at holiday destinations. Whilst they tried to make up there mind how to spend there holiday money I found myself browsing the items for sale and time and time again became fascinated by the the polished gemstones of which there always seemed a basket or two of!

I brought them home and placed them in a dish and basically forgot about them, until about 5 years later, when I was invited to an evening about crystals. This was when I realised they were much more than pretty coloured stones, they actually could help with health conditions, emotional well being, help to focus my mind and link me spiritually with higher guidance! All this as well as looking great in a dish or even better in a piece of jewellery. And so my crystal journey began, I attended one day workshops; then trained to become a crystal therapist and then found I could also use them for psychic and clairvoyant readings. The uses are endless and I'm happy to begin share them with you.... If you have a question about crystals I'm happy to help. Something I'm often asked is to identify crystals and I'm happy to do this too, although without grinding then down to get the chemical and geological data it is based on feel and intuition.

I'd like to briefly share a couple of crystals that you could find of benefit at this time

Ametrine – Physically this can boost your Immune system, emotionally it helps balance your heart and head, mentally it keeps your thought process clear and bright and spiritually it helps you integrate the heavenly energies in your everyday life. This is a lovely combination of Amethyst and Citrine combined, which in itself is magical as Citrine is created by temperature change and Ametyhst by the addition of Manganese to Clear Quartz. It's readily available in tumbled, cut pieces, and jewellery, but much rarer in natural form. I have some amazing cut pieces and silver set pendants as well as a few tumbled. If you'd like to know more contact me through my website.

And for the collectors amongst you.... Ammolite this is just starting to become available although it is rare and the price reflects this! Physically this fortifies the heart and normalises cell metabolism, emotionally it promotes harmony and dignity, mentally it helps release mental obsessions and spiritually it awakens and charms..... this too is a combination crystal using the fossil of ammonite and the mineral of Aragonite, when it is polished it holds the most beautiful blues and greens and is at present very popular as jewellery. Although again available in the rough state to appreciate its full beauty, polishing brings out all the natural hues which are rarely visible to the naked eye.

There are also workshops available for those wanting to know more. Looking forward to hearing from you soon........
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Crystals  Posted by. Tanya
I always like to hear how you have made it along your spiritual path. From humble beginings ... Great start to what I hope will be more to come

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