A Good Heart is hard to find......

After a spectacular turnout of generous people at The MBS weekend Festival at Harford Manor School I have to disagree! I believe Norwich is full of generous hearted people and with their help £475 was raised for Harford Manor School and a further £188 for St Marys Church at Houghton on the Hill. So much love and gratitude to everyone who made this event a success and if you want to see more take a look at the photos on www.spiritessence.co.uk and the list of exhibitors and people who made it all possible.
Times might be  but there are some big hearted people out there. If you missed the event (or would like a reminder) you might like to take a look on the www.spiritessence at the photos that show the presence of spirit. The psychic supper with a difference was at one time over subscribed! As 4 tickets mysteriously disappeared and in usual spirit fashion at the 11th hour it all fell into place and a great time was had by all. Again a big thank you to those people who gave their time in exchange for some scrummy supper. A big thank you goes to the ladies in the kitchen who provided hot and cold food throughout the two days as well as a spread fit for a king on the Saturday evening. An also extra Big thank you To Steve Smith for providing the facilities and being the impromptu photographer. The feedback has all been extremely positive and although it was hard work....... watch this space, for as soon as the prompt comes from spirit, we'll be doing it again! See you all at the next one!

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