S Norfolk April 2019
I thank you for your guidance from the beginning. You made me what I am today I truly believe that it changed my outlook on life. I was 21 when you showed me the light I'm now a 40 year old man! I use love and light in my every day and that's all thanks to you! Love you and miss you my spiritual mother.... sending you love and light plus some healing your way as I feel you need it right now xxxxxx

thank you so much for your lovely message and the healing, much appreciated, its been a privelege to be part of journey xxxx

Louise - Norwich- Jun 2015
Just wanted to tell you that the swelling on my ankle has completely disappeared!! I don't know what you did yesterday but it worked!!! Going to keep the crystal in my sock for like forever now as well!! Thank you so much!!!!

R- Norfolk -Aug 2014
I just wanted to express my gratitude for the reading you did for me. It's helped me move out of a rut. And gave me a chance to tell my grandmother off a little bit for wishing bad things upon others. She explained the dumpy woman was her best friend who died recently. Apparently her mother was fairly statuesque! 

Lucy - Norfolk - Jan 2014

You gave me a reading in November (I doubt you will remember as I'm sure you do a lot of readings). But you kept saying about "Go West" and sang the village people song. 
You also mentioned California. 
I'm not sure that you like or often get feedback for your readings but I thought I would share with you that I recently met someone who happens to be back in Norwich for a year. He has been working in and living in Oregon, west of the U.S.A and not all that far from California. Obviously it's early days but it allows a little explanation for the song being in your mind perhaps

Heike - Dec 2013 - Norwich

Thank you again for a most fun Sunday workshop!
Lovely meeting you, and thank your for the introduction to singing bowls. Mine sings beautifully and straight away, it is such pleasure to play with it. 

Stasia - Aug 2013 - Little Melton Psychic Nights
Thank you so much for tonight, Tina and your team. Many lessons to take in and think about. Thanks! xxx

Monica - June 2013
It certainly was transformative ! Tina Marie Wilkins is a very insightful and wise facilitator and has a lovely supportive energy. Well worth doing again and again as it is really revealing.

Paula - June 2013
Played the 'Transformation Game' yesterday with Monica Porter and Tina Wilkins of Spirit Essence. Life changing revelations, Divine company. Thank you ladies x

Keith - April 2013
Hello Tina
Very much enjoyed meeting you and hearing you speak yesterday evening at River Green, and good to be able to continue chatting over the meal.  Maybe our paths will cross again some time.  Kindest regards, Keith & Ros

Tanya Howes - Feb 2013
I have just had the most amazing 3 days, thank you Tina Marie Wilkins for being such an inspiration and wonderful teacher. You have given me the confidence and the tools to bring light to those who need it most, without your help I would still be wandering in the grey mists of uncertainty .. love, light and blessings my spiritual sister xxx

Chris Wymondham - Aug 2012
What I have been learning from your teachings when we talk, the situations I have faced in the ABC for Spirituality and the knowledge I am gaining about crystals are all pointing me in a new direction.  It feels so profoundly correct that I now think after reading this book that I was meant to meet you for a reason; to learn the lessons I need to receive the messages that are clearly not getting through as I do not understand yet how to listen properly.  This made so much sense when I was reading about the insights. Maybe the fact the book has come into my life now, despite you recommending it a while ago, is saying I am ready for the next step in my development and that I too can reach the next level if I work at it, stay true to myself and trust in my heart and be more loving.

Thanks for Sharing Chris, it's lovely to be part of your  journey, and so pleased the Celestine Prophecy has found you! :) x

Sheila Wymondham 7th June 2012
you really did something to my back yesterday, as the pain is completely gone for the first time since months. Reiki is amazing! Thank you.

Roz Wymondham 1st April 2012

just wanted to say thank you for an excellent evening last night, abit daunting at first, as i went on my own, but was brave and but i thought it was great, every body was lovely and welcoming, i really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one, thank you :)

Cynthia Norfolk 27th March 2012

I spoke to Susan this morning and we both said what a strong experience it was in the colournet, I felt it was a really worthwhile experience, and I am so pleased that I know about it.

It is always an interesting experience what people experience in the crystal colournets..... and the great thing is you can do this for yourself when you have some quiet time.... thanks for your comments, happy colournetting! :) x

Marion Norfolk 23rd March 2012

Wow them twinkly fingers certainly set some releasing off, so much realisation of lots of things coming up, as I was coming home in the car loads of thoughts where coming into my head about my childhood and during the evening some of them I had to speak to Les about, and then I had a lovely releasing cry , things are still coming up its incredible how deep we bury our childhood,and on the journey to see 'Rosie, and 'little' yesterday I passed all the places I spent my years until I was 38 so much more came through and is still coming up, but I sat in the chair last night after a wonderful day of meeting such lovely souls and felt so light like a weight was being lifted from me, I know I have more to clear but it's more than half way done and it's a wonderful feeling, I now know I have carried a lot of hurt all my life, which I would have denied before and it has made me hurt myself mentally with thoughts of not being good enough etc , I have said this openly because I would like others to know what a relief can be achieved and after all it's a very pleasant experience, give it a whirl folks you have nothing to lose and loads to gain. Thank you my dear Tina

Metamorphic Technique can be so liberating, thanks you for your feedback. Marion :) x

Rachel Norwich - 20th November 2011

 I attended the Crystal Awareness Workshop in November and really enjoyed it. It was great to be able to learn about the crystals in a relaxed fun and positive way. Plus to have a chance to provide a crystal healing for someone as well as receive my own was a great end to the day to practice what I had learnt. I'm looking forward to more workshops, thank you Tina x

Annabel Norfolk - 6th November 2011
just wanted to say that i have felt much more at peace since you did a reading for me, thankyou

Kim London -25th October 2011
"I came to Tina via a couple of recommendations.  I had recently had my first ever tarot card reading from somebody else, which had not gone very well - in fact, I had been shouted at and demeaned, so all in all it had been an extremely disheartening experience, which left me very dubious about readings in general.   I was assured by the people who recommended Tina that she wouldn't be like that at all and that it would be good for me to have a reading from her to balance out my previous experience.   They were so right!  As soon as I contacted Tina for an email reading, I was immediately reassured by her gentleness and kindness.  When the reading was emailed to me, I had to read it a couple of times to try and absorb all the information in it and was struck by how extremely accurate it was on a number of different levels.  Tina had really tuned in to me, and the place in my life that I am in at the moment, with pinpoint precision.  I have since read it a few more times, and further truths have been revealed.  I think that as I read it again over the coming weeks and months, more and more layers will unfurl and open to me.  I can't wait! So thank you thank you Tina! You have completely convinced me that there are some genuine and honest mediums and psychics like you out there.  I look forward to contacting you for another reading when I am further down my path."

Hana's Gift 25th September 2011
A big thank you to everyone who came along to our Clairvoyance fundraiser last night, it was a brilliant evening! Special thanks to Paula & Simone for helping to organise it & helping with the buffet - and also, Paula H, Cara & Hannah for helping with food too. Big thank you to Tina ( Spirit Essence) for making the night a success, everyone was very impressed with your gift x Karen x

Cara 25th September 2011- Sheringham
Hi Tina, could you please give me a price on a clairvoyancy meeting for me and my mum, we saw you at hanas gift last night and were amazed by how accurate you were and would like to see you again for a personal session. Thanks

Chris 17th July 2011 - Wymondham
Thank you for the invite to this wonderful event. Tonight I feel I've really come home.  Not sure how things will progress but i'm so looking forward to the journey through the next chapter of my life.
Love and light
Chris x

Shirley  - 7th July 2011
Hi Tina
 Thank you so much for the News Letter, it means so much to receive such love through the spoken word.
 You have a heart that shines so brightly more than even you give yourself credit for at times he hee, see we are all human too.
 I am sending you love and respect from my heart to yours, your inspiration is and will continue to be a guiding light for us all to see.
 I will speak to you shortly as I feel the time draws close for us all to work together, tis crazy times at the moment, just wanted you to know I AM and always be with you.
 Chat soon, keep up the great great role that you do.
Love as always

Wendy, Attleborough- 17th June 2011
By the way, you have done 2 angel card readings for me and they have both been extremely accurate - might want another one some time!

Jo, Norfolk - 9th June 2011
ps keep meaning to say my mum said you were absolutley spot on ! xx

Kate, Norfolk -25th May 2011
thank you for my reading tina, very spot on. helping me get my emotions back on track. kate.x

Wendy, Norfolk - 2nd Sept 2010
Just a quick line to say THANK YOU for the wonderful crystal reading on Sunday, I have taken on what you told me and am feeling very calm and peaceful but at the same time energised with lovely new thoughts and ideas !!!

Lizzie, Norfolk - 19th Aug 2010
hiya Tina,
just wanted 2 say thank u so much for a lovely readin u gave me last thurs. u has helped me look at things in a positive way and keep me smiling
xxx lizzie xx

Marie, Norfolk - 29th Jul 2010
I felt ok after the treatment but noted nothing monumental, the next morning however I woke with no pain. I have lived with constant pain for 6 years now due to the lupus, it has become a way of life and I don't think about it anymore, however Saturday morning came and I was amazed! I am still pain free and doing the Reiki on myself every evening, long may it continue!

Kristina, Norfolk - 3rd Jun 2010
Also just wanted to thank you for the tarot reading last year, can't believe how right you were about certain things that are now happening!

Debs, Reading - 7th May 2010
you changed my life :O) i loves ya xxx

Jeanette Young - Energetic Healing Council, Sydney - 28th Apr 2010
I so enjoyed Tina's visit with us in Sydney in January.
As a practitioner and teacher myself, I found it so refreshing and energising to sit in the circle with Tina and benefit from her enthusiasm and experience. There is always something new to learn. A few extra tips using the pendulum have been incorporated into my session work with great results.
Thanks Tina and I really look forward to your next visit to Sydney.

Jane, Attleborough, Norfolk - 28th Apr 2010
Many many thanks for a wonderful weekend! - I really do feel the workshops are starting to improved my knowledge and with your excellent help I am progressing on my journey! I am so looking forward to meeting you again, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Angie, Norfolk - 26th Apr 2010
Hi Tina, I thought you may be interested in some feedback from a message you gave to me during the mediumship practice . You linked with Canada and that a child was having problems with growth, and i said that my Reiki friend in York is Canadian and that both her children are small and are having growth hormones to stimulate their growth ,you then said does the little girl do tap dancing, well i didn't know, so i contacted Irene and conveyed your message to her, and guess what her daughter Tap dances. Irene was amazed at your reading, and now has more of an interest in Mediumship. Thank you Tina.

Miriam, Sydney, Australia - 26th Apr 2010
Thank you for being so honest in your newsletter. Its so helpful to hear about the whole journey of others, the curly bits as well as the up bits. Miriam - Sydney, Australia.

Jess, Reading - 23th Mar 2010
when you first sent me the reading, i did read it several times and i even made a huge reply to send to you but i didn't get round to finishing it until today. however i think this may have actually really happened for a reason. before starting this reply i have re-read your reading and although i found it really great before, now, it is though i'm thinking about alot of the words differently than before, like alot more has clicked into place, and right now, it feels even more than before like everything you said is so true/connected to me and my life right now.

Diane, Norfolk - 23rd Mar 2010
Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your love and healing.
It was a joy to see you and your love and help has lifted me enormously.
Your energy resonates and lifts mine so the experience yesterday was again astounding...... especially the clearing of the energy... I have not experienced such powerful "healing" before. I thought last night that the experience reminded me of the physic surgeons.... some patients describe the removal of negative energies as likened to a hand physically reaching inside and removing..... Absolutely astounding Tina, what a wonderful faith and unity you have with your guides and angels and the "Godforce". You gave me many pearls of wisdom yesterday, you voiced things already in my heart but that had not arrived at my head... It was amazing ..you are a wonderful person and I wish you much joy, love and laughter and success in all your ventures."

Gina, Sydney, Australia - 22nd Mar 2010
Have been thinking of you as wanted to say Thank you, I am very grateful for my reading and is very articulate and meaningful to me.


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