A day in the Life of Spirit Essence- A Prison Day

A Day at the Prison

I just love the sychronicity of my life! Whilst occupying myself on the train journey into London to do my TV psychic work I was reading a Reiki magazine that had an article on working with Reiki in prisons.... and I just happen to be working in a prison in a couple of days time, so I was curious to know what to expect, as although I had done a Well-being day for the staff, this time I'd be working with the inmates. So the day arrives and after the usual security checks I'm setting up in the Gym area, the noise is deafening as we are sharing the space with other organisations (I'm here as part of a Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind project). Just as the bed is up and the crystals are laid out, my first client is asking about what the crystals do.

So with little hesitation he is now on the couch and ready to experience the energy of crystals in their healing role. As these are short sessions I assess the chakra's and then with a pendulum choose the crystals and put them in place, charge the energy into the chakra, clear the energy field, adding a crystal energy to balance and then finish the session by running an essential oil through the aura. I love how the crystals and the chosen oil are perfect for what the client is experiencing emotionally and how visibly the energy field is light, brighter, and clearer after the session.

The morning progresses really quickly and then I notice that there is one particular oil that keeps being chosen more than the others... Juniper Essential Oil. When lunchtime arrives and the inmates return to their quarters I look up the definition and wasn't surprised when it said 'Junipers Message is to complete the tasks and learn the lessons. Meanwhile it clears obstructions on our pathway to the divine spirit. While facilitating the transmission of our thoughts and prayers, it offers itself as a protective shield, disallowing impure thoughts to pervade our meditations and conversations with the universe. A cleansing and purifying action takes place when juniper's fragrance is inhaled, and subtle changes are made – physically, mentally and spiritually – as the unencumbered spirit can speak to the heart and mind.'*

Just how perfect is that for the setting and the clients! During the 90 minute break I was approached by prison staff and associate organisations to ask if they could try a taster session. One lady asked for Reiki and so the Reiki sessions began! The last lady before the inmates were returning was an occupational therapist working with the prison service, unknown to me she had a headache when she requested the session and after the 15 minute taster it was gone and she felt restored and ready for the afternoon. We spoke about the beneficial effect of holistic therapies and the trials that had been conducted in America and their success rate in reducing violence and improving relationships within the prison service. The programmes that had been implemented in the USA had led to inmates, after receiving the energy of Reiki actually being attuned themselves.

The afternoon was a shorter session and in no time at all we were being escorted back through the locked doors to the main gate. It was a lovely way to spend the day, I am so grateful to Norwich Mind for providing the opportunity, and the prison staff for ensuring we are well looked after. And my heart humbly goes out to the inmates who stepped out of their comfort zone into mine, to sample what can only be described as the ultimate perception changing experience for me, and hopefully for them too.

I can only trust now that the experience created enough positive energy, to encourage running the sessions again, so this can become a regular visit, thus providing a service that changes lives and perceptions which hopefully opens the door to reform, which in turn lead to peace and unity within the community as a whole.


*exert from The Fragrant Heavens – Valerie Ann Worwood

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