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Tea and Tarot

Tarot & Crystal Readings - t.b.a - Purple Lotus New Ross    

Private sittings available 11.00 til 4.00pm - contact Sinead 0858627713 to book



REIKI MASTER GROUP (Evening) - T.B.C  7.30pm -9.30pm
This is free for Reiki masters that have attuned through me, for others it is €6. Please let Tina know if you are coming or contact her for more details.

Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement – T.B.A - 10.30 til 4.30pm.
Includes 3 days training, and being part of any master classes that you want to attend.

P.O.A (includes master manual).
Contact Tina if interested or for more information

REIKI SHARE - t.b.a - 10.30am til 12.30pm - Fethard on sea
. Come and join us for our Reiki share, a great way to give and receive Reiki, deepen your connection and practise as well as send some distant healing and finishing off with a cuppa and sharing our Reiki experiences, so you go home feeling relaxed and de-stressed!
PRICE €10 per person. Refreshments included. Please contact Tina if you wish to attend the share

Reiki 1st Attunement – t.b.a  please contact Tina for details. This is the first step in Reiki and over two days instruction is provided in how to apply Reiki for yourself and family and friends, the history of reiki. All attendees receive a Reiki session.
€133 Per person includes certificate, lineage chart. Manual and full instructions

This is the 2nd step in Reiki and the two day training provides instruction in how to take your Reiki forward as a business; receive tips and techniques to use the symbols and how to get more out of your Reiki. Plenty of opportunity to practise. €155 includes certificate manual and full instructions.


Angels and Guides – Date TBA - 10.30am til 4:30pm.
A one day workshop where participants will learn how to recognise when their angels and guides are present therefore aiding the process of clearer communication. If you'd like to know more about this contact Tina.

Contact Tina if interested
Aura Energy – Date TBA - 10 til 4:30pm
This one day workshop is designed to give one a better understanding of the energy that surrounds each living thing and object including us. During the day learn to see, sense and feel auras. By working with oils, crystals and essences we can bring about subtle changes which will help balance and clear our energy system.

PRICE £77 (including hand-outs and oils) limited to 10 people per event.
Contact Tina if interested

Chakra's, Auras and Energy Fields – Date TBA - 10.30am til 4.30pm
A great opportunity to learn more about the importance of your chakra's, how to see and feel auras and clean up and strengthen energy fields. If you' like to know more about this contact Tina

Contact Tina if interested
CRYSTAL SHARE -t.b.a - Crystal Share & Sale!  Star Throwers Wymondham.
The idea is to come together to deepen that connection and understanding of how crystals can and do work in helping to maintain the equilibrium in our daily living.  Thus providing a deeper insight and confidence when choosing and working with crystals.  These sessions will be open to anyone who has done a crystal workshop or course with Tina or a certified course with someone else. Price: 33 price includes light lunch and tuition   For further details please contact Tina on 07876225549

Crystal Awareness workshop – T.B.A- co Wexford venue- 10.30am til 4.30pm
Another great opportunity to increase your knowledge of the crystal kingdom and how to best apply it. During this one day workshop, you will receive plenty of tips in how to use a variety of crystals for different purposes, get to practise some simple healing layouts and spend a lovely day with Crystal energy. This day is suitable for beginners and those wishing to increase their knowledge.

PRICE €68 per person including crystal, hand-outs and a certificate of attendance (suitable to use for CPD points).
Contact Tina if interested
CRYSTALS, THE SURVIVAL KIT – Date TBA - 10.30am til 4.30pm
Learn which crystals can support your physical health, your emotional wellbeing, help you stay focused, and clear headed and link you with the spiritual realms and your soul. This one day workshop is designed to broaden your knowledge of crystals and how they work, provide hands on experience and provide you with your very own crystal first aid kit.

PRICE €88 including crystal kit.
Contact Tina if interested
A one day workshop providing guidance and practice in the use of colour and crystal layouts to manifest your true path. A simple, yet effective technique for self-healing and realisation.

Contact Tina if interested
CRYSTAL QUARTZ DAY –  Date TBA - 10.30am til 4.30pm
This is a great opportunity to learn more about the thousands of applications of the quartz family. This one day work shop provides practical tips and instruction in how to use quartz for wellbeing and around the home environment. Learn how to recognise quartz and which one to use for the best outcome. A day suitable for beginners, and those wanting to increase their crystal knowledge.

PRICE £ €88 per person, including quartz crystal, hand-outs and certificate of attendance (can be used for CPD points).
Contact Tina if interested

Crystal Healing Course - 3 weekends + 3 hrs for practical and written examination
Each weekend can be used separately for CPD points and crystal awareness or collectively to obtain a certificate in crystal healing.

Crystal Healing Course -

weekend 1 - includes meditating with a chosen crystal, exploration on how crystals can enhance our daily lives, by using them personally, in our homes or work environments; how to use them to enhance the energy in a room; the importance of Clusters and examples their uses; the types of crystals such as shaped, tumbled, rough, natural; discuss the 'content' of different minerals and how they work with us and in our surroundings, which ones are safe to use for elixirs; different methods for choosing crystals; demonstraion & practice of simple healing layout. €155 €58 deposit to reserve your place

weekend 2– includes meditation with a dowsed crystal, research afterwards in why crystal was chosen; how to read chakra patterns & correct imbalances in chakras including earth star; demonstration & practice of a meridian or brain balance: uses of crystal points, wands and lasers; importance of colours for balance; use of crystals in the aura; practice of simple layout including aura work and balances; how to identify quartz.  €155 - €58 Deposit to reserve your place.

weekend 3– includes meditation with a crystal (meeting the diva/recognising value); use of oils and essences in healing; removing hooks, etc from chakras and bodies; summary of material so far.

3hr practical & short written assessment.

To complete the course delegates submit a detailed written summary of practical healing after which a certificate for crystal healing will be awarded.  €155 £58 deposit to reserve your place.
Contact Tina for more information or to book 0897020235

- Divining with your Dowser - t.b.a 2.30pm til 4.30pm - co Wexford. Come and learn the art of pendulum dowsing, for health and much more. €22* per person including refreshments. .

ENERGY EMERGING – Date TBA - 10am til 4:00pm
You will learn to recognise the importance of vibration. Using energy to create what we want, moving stuck energy, and reading energy as a tool for better wellbeing. This involves detailed Chakra work and learning about the subtle bodies of the aura. If you'd like to know more about this contact Tina.

PRICE                          68
Contact Tina if interested
Honouring the Goddess Within – Date TBA
A one day workshop designed to embrace the goddess within, working with crystals, face paints and cards, this day promotes healing and links us to the powerful yet subtle goddess energy.
PRICE (includes crystal, mask and paints)

Contact Tina if interested
EXPANDING YOUR MEDIUMSHIP - Mondays during 2015-Next Meeting t.b.a - 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  This week at Harford Manor School. Please contact Tina to confirm your attendance. These sessions are for anyone who wishes to develop psychically.  These fortnightly sessions are designed to increase your awareness by using a range of exercises and techniques.
PRICE:  €65 or 5 weeks (payable in advance) or €15 per session.

Meditation and Spiritual Awareness Group - Fethard on sea - t.b.a - 8pm til 10pm
Have you ever wondered about Auras, Guides, Crystals, Reiki, Numerology or a host of other titles that come under the spiritual heading....  Well this just might be the place to learn about this.  Each session begins with a short meditation to get you into that space....
The aim is to educate, inspire and motivate.  Each week will provide a taster on different aspects that come under the spirtual banner.
£22 per session or €88 for 5 sessions of your choice
Contact Tina Wilkins on 0897020235 for further information or to book your place.  Limited spaces.

Please note Tina is available for Charity and Platform events.

PSYCHIC & MEDIUMSHIP DEVELOPMENT COURSE - t.b.a.- 8pm til 10pm - co Wexford
If you want to explore your psychic ability and develop your connection to your spirit guides, then this is a great place to start.  Over 6 weeks using meditation and focusing on different types of connection and disciplines this course builds confidence and improves the connection with Spirit.  €88 for 6 weeks, deposit of €18 required to book your place (refunded if course cancelled).  Limited to 10 places.  Contact Tina on 01603 414663  to reserve your place or for more details and to book.
***NEW***Email Correspondence course now also available! (Five virtual sessions and one final group meeting- venue TBC)
Five sessions of exercises designed to develop your psychic abilities and mediumship resulting in greater confidence to follow your intuition. This will include centring and basic awareness, building relationships through stillness, using difference mediums for insight, assisting you to recognise true connection and putting it all into practice.

PRICE  56, contact Tina if you are interested.

Mediumship evenings – Dates TBA - 8pm til 10pm.
Evenings designed to tackle different elements of mediumship and continuing your development. Each night looks a different topic including Rescue Work, Channelling, Trance, and Transfiguration.

Contact Tina if interested
Meditation in Mind – Date TBA
A four week course where each session (two hours long) is designed to provide a different model of meditation. Through this process you can find the one that suits you and learn which type can bring benefit for different situations in your life. We will be covering creative visualisation, relaxing and energising, focus, visionary and healing..

Contact Tina if interested
Soul Numerology – Date TBA
Come and map your numerology chart, learn how your birth number and your name work togther, your soul purpose and your strengths and weaknesses. "The more we know about ourselves the more we can tap into the knowledge of who we really are"
PRICE  22, includes numerology kit

Contact Tina if interested
Pendulum Power  (Mini Dowsing Workshop) – Date TBA 2.00pm til 4.00pm
If you're looking to improve your connection and confidence with your dowser then this session provides tips, techniques and plenty of practice.
PRICE   22 per person.

Contact Tina if interested
The Power of your Psyche – Date TBA
A three part course using the tool of creative visualisation to uncover and release behavioural patterns and fears that block growth and wellbeing. This is a powerful way to support your journey and develop the confidence to trust your inner guidance. 
PRICE   38, includes workbook and refreshments.

Reiki 1st Attunement – t.b.a- 10.30 til 4.30pm - .  Contact Tina for details
This is the first step in Reiki and the 2 day course provides instruction in how to apply Reiki for yourself and family and friends, day ends with a Reiki session.
PRICE 155  per person includes Manual, Certificate and Lineage chart.

Reiki 2nd Attunement – t.b.a - 10.30 til 4.30pm -
This is the 2nd step in Reiki and the day provides instruction in how to take your Reiki forward as a business; receive full instruction on how to use additional symbols and how to get more out of your Reiki. Plenty of opportunity to practise.
PRICE per person includes additional symbols and hand-outs and certificate

Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement – t.b.a
Includes 3 day  training, can be taken as seperate days or as a 3 day block.

P.O.A (includes master manual).
Contact Tina if interested or for more information
Taste of Tarot – T.B.A - 10.30 til 4.30pm - Tinas House, Norwich on choosing your anchor, devising your technique, getting to know your deck and interpretation, the four suits and the major arcana, reading for yourself and others.
PRICE  68,  Contact Tina if interested.

Tea & Tarot - t.b.a
Offering a little bite size session of Tarot. This is a relaxed session where you will be invited to develop and use your reading skills. The idea being that you will gain confidence and knowledge and a reading. Suitable for beginners and those familiar with the tarot. You can either bring your own cards or use some of Tina’s.  22 per person - Limited to 6  people per session.

Transformation Game -  t.b.a - 10am til 3pm -- 6 places available - Please see below for details
Another opportunity to play the game with an accredited facilitator.
If you are looking for guidance, inspiration or a way to release old patterns then this is a great way to do it. All you need to do is set your playing focus, be open to the energy of the game diva and watch the process unfold. This game is open to six players, contact Tina so you don't miss your spot 0897020235
PRICE 68 per person for the 5 hour session. Limited to 6 persons (concessions availabe) if 3 people play price drops to 58, 4 - 6 people 48. 28 DEPOSIT Secures your place.
Full information about the Transformation Game is available on request.

Trusting Transformation Workshop - next date TBA- 10am-4pm -
Hunting Brook Gardens, Blessington, Co. Wicklow - €150 euros includes Vegetarian Lunch

Are you comfortable with change?
Are you resisting change?
Do you want to transform your Life?
Then this workshop is for you

The day includes
• Creative visualization
• Finding which flag you fly
• Simple awareness exercises designed  to create change
• Outdoor creative meditation

The world around us is constantly changing as nature shows us all the time and this workshop is designed to assist you in transforming your life for the better having an understanding of the law of attraction. When we trust in the process of life, with positive intentions we begin to manifest the very best.  So if you want to transform your life join us at Hunting Brook Gardens, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. 
Facilitators Pam O’Connor and Tina Wilkins - CPD Certificate of Attendance
Contact: Pam 083 1133773 places limited please book early


New venue to be confirmed, keep checking for more information.
NEXT: Tao of Tina - TBC
Don't delay purchase your tickets now from Tina at
Showcase Therapy Spot:
Being held at a new venue (Nr Norwich) Event takes place between 8:00-10:00pm, with doors opening 7:30pm. 10 per person including refreshments and retails offering you get treats.



Tea and Tarot 19th November 2016 - The Lighthouse Trading Post & Cafe. 
Radings at Purple Lotus - New Ross

Crystal parties for children & adults, Birthday parties with a difference for children 4 to 99!
For Children a guided visualisation a crystal to keep and why they have chosen that crystal and games involving crystals and dowsing and sensing.
For Adults the opportunity to experience crystal energy first hand, hold a party where a selection of crystals and related products are available for purchase, learn which ones best suit your requirements and how they can promote health and wellbeing in your environment.

Mediums, Psychics, Holistic Therapists and Healers available for events, hen nights and adult groups
Please contact Tina for further Info an evening tailored to your personal requirements, whether that be mini pamper sessions or 20 minute reading sessions.

 - fancy holding your own psychic supper? I can supply the mediums and you can arrange the food and people. This is a great idea for something different for a birthday, anniversary,  hen night, or fundraiser!

Corporate Theme nights
If you would like to add that something different to your dinner, dance or Ball, I can provide psychics and mediums to add a sense of the mystic. For further information, please contact Tina. 
If you would like any information about any of the above please contact Tina via or 07876225549

Disclaimer: For entertainment Purposes Only