Hello from across the small pond!

Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe its 2 years since I kept in touch! So much has happened and now after some very testing times I’m feeling settled and ready for a prosperous and exciting 2018. A quick recap ... Since my last update I’ve lived in 5 different homes, did a lot of catching up with past friends; (healing) hardly any paid work and eventually at the start of 2017 officially became a bag lady!


After spending 3 months in the Wicklow mountains, restoring my mind body spirit and house hunting, which resulted in finding the wonderful house in the beautiful place I now reside in. After a total mix up with my long awaited operation being cancelled, losing Bess, the snags on the house to contend with, I eventually became the owner of the school house which still has some ongoing issues, yet I’m learning to roll with them!


So 2017 saw me returning to the UK for the long awaited operation which has certainly changed my everyday life, I eventually returned to my home with the addition of Ruby who although bought as a miniature dachshund is now 7.5 kgs and became a year old on 1st January. Amber still rules the roost, in the last week I’ve seen her playing more; she too has had some health issues, so hopefully she is on the mend.


Its been an eventful last 6 months, coming back was like moving in all over again as I got used to the space and pace of life, gently building up my strength and stamina. I started a development circle and its lovely to see the participants blossoming. I also have tried to get myself out there although my drive hasn’t fully returned yet and I’m happier to let the work find me! However I’m to be found at a couple of local businesses each week and slowly its beginning to take shape.


I held an open day to raise funds for the Womens Refuge which was a great success, 365 euro. I hope to make it an annual event raising funds for other worthy causes. The house is so peaceful and yet I’m in the heart of the village so I can always find someone to chat with. The beaches are stunning, I always come back refreshed and appreciating the natural beauty of where I live. I’m looking forward to running some retreats in 2018 and more of the psychic suppers which the house lends itself too...... it was made for sharing!


The land which eventually will become a garden is the project for next year. I’m looking forward to it taking shape, the trees were removed eventually after some frustration and the chimney does appear to draw better now.... long story and so in the past!


I’ve made some wonderful friends and the community I live in is so friendly and the area is very historic as well as picturesque and healing. I feel so at home and although I’ve owned the house since Aug 2016 I’ve not completed a full year, so the locals tell me wait til after February before you decide if you love it! So I look forward to welcoming you all to Fethard on Sea in 2018!

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