"A professional and supportive service delivered by an enthusiastic, experienced and honest practitioner. A tailor made package is offered from a thriving home grown business, Tina Wilkins has a proven track record for trustworthy reliability and quality of input. Her work is unique to the individual, thought provoking and reflects her passion for truth and wholeness whilst integrating spirituality at a level which is accessible to all."

Through my work as a psychic medium, the individual readings and evenings offer guidance, inspiration, comfort, motivation, release, change and healing. I work in harmony with spirit from my heart. This means that whenever I am asked to do a reading, I open my heart and allow spirit to work through me allowing for one or more of the above (or hopefully all!) to take place. As we are all unique expressions of the divine, my channeling is a unique experience of my communion with spirit. All readings are individually tailored to suit the receptor. All work is done with love, the aim to provide assist on whatever level is required. With the use of Crystals, Cards and the Nature Kingdom the messages of light are given.

The Tuition and Workshops I offer are a direct manifestation of my communication with spirit, listening to the voice within to bring about harmony. By working with the Spirit Essence to restore peace, love and a sense of balance to all those who come with an open heart and mind willing to create and learn. I recognize that whilst I am the teacher I am also the student, for every participant brings their own blend of creativity and sharing to the groups and courses. As such we are all teachers and students and I believe we all have the capability to link with the spirit within and create. I facilitate workshops in crystal awareness, personal and spiritual development and medium and psychic abilities throughout the year, as well as offer an awareness group for releasing and discovering our true sense of purpose. If you feel guided to join us to unlock your inner potential, read on!.........

My work as a Reiki master demonstrates that, the true essence of Reiki is to act as a conduit for the healing energy readily available to all who are willing to step aside and allow the light of love to flow through them. To me Reiki is love in action, promoting peace, healing and harmony of spirit. If you would like to attune to the art of Reiki or experience the gentle energy of a Reiki healing session please contact me...... Regular Reiki share groups are offered throughout the year where anyone who has attuned to Reiki is welcome to come and practise, as well as those wishing to experience a taster session.

With a true passion for crystals I find my work as a Crystal Healer both rewarding and enlightening. It is wonderful to share how the chosen crystals can help the client on many different levels and because, there is still a great deal to learn about how each crystal resonates with an individual it is always a totally unique experience. This treatment is suitable for all and as a non invasive therapy good for those who don't like massage.

Having trained with the IIHHT for Indian Head Massage, this therapy too has developed where although there are certain techniques applied uniformly, the sessions are adapted to suit the individual. As an upper back massage is included in each session, this treatment is great for those who lead very stressful lives. 

As a practitioner of the Metamorphic Technique, I offer these sessions as a means to restore one to a sense of overall well being. By working on the feet, hands, and head the neural pathways are stimulated which can release stuck memories and behavioural patterns which no longer serve us.

Kansa Vakti Indian Leg & Foot Massage is wonderful for rejvenating tired legs and removing toxins through the feet. As well as using the hands to massage a small bowl made mainly of copper zinc and tin is used, this stimulates the removal of toxins.

Access Barrs Consciousness is a technique that is mainly applied to the head, certain points are lightly held by the practitioner, this promotes a sense of well being as well as stimulating creativity assisting in removing 'negativity' around mindsets. It is a relaxing non invasive technique.

As a recognised Facilitator of The Transformation Game, with the assistance of the Angelic kingdom I regularly faciltate games. These provide a great safe space to learn how to transform our lives for the better. Taking the decision to play a facilitated game is a perfect way to create awareness and to move your life forward in the direction you wish to take it. 

Life teaches us to fear, to question, to challenge. Love asks us to trust, question and flow. By letting go of fear we open ourselves to the true potential of who we truly are. When we embody our Spirit Essence, our lives, our purpose becomes clearer, yes still challenging, yes still the need to have answers to our questions and yet simpler, fuller, treasured. The key words are stillness, being and of course Love. If you are inspired to this path, to attain inner peace and joy then read on!

I can work with you on whatever level you choose, and if you feel, think, believe you can work with me please get in touch. For when we are 'In Touch' the journey to wholeness begins........  

Disclaimer: For entertainment Purposes Only