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Want to change the world? Well I'm sure it will come as no surprise that although we are all certainly powerful beings we can only influence the changes in the world by the ones we make in ourselves. The word 'IN' being the key here....If I change myself from the inside, it is far more effective that changing the outside! I know I can make changes and I know by making positive changes my life and the inner me are much happier and this affects the people around me as it is has a ripple effect.

Last year I knew I had to make some changes and I really felt stuck, on one level I had a brilliant year as I literally crossed the globe, both in my private and work life. I visited Mexico, Hawaii and the US making some important connections as well as working In Australia promoting the Metamorphic Technique and Spirit Essence in general. I also got to visit the holy land and although this was all very exciting and rewarding I knew there was something else. In usual spirit fashion the Transformation game was brought to my attention. This fantastic game had figured early on in my development and journey; suddenly I could feel the call of The Findhorn Foundation and the game. I managed to get on a training programme at the end of October and so spent two very intense weeks at Cluny College, Forres, Scotland. I can honestly say this was one of the most stressful and yet rewarding times of my journey so far. There was so much laughter and tears as a new leveI of working became accessible. I also was able to uncover a hidden piece of myself that had been blocking my progress. This in itself made all the hard work worthwhile as I had tried so many therapies and workshops to try and bring it to the surface and the Transformation game did the trick!!

As a newly trained facilitator it  has been so rewarding and inspirational to be part of the games that have come about since my training. With each one I continue to learn about myself as well as being fortunate to see the emerging of some beautiful butterflies as the participants embrace the process and create the change for themselves. I am so grateful that the Transformation game came back into my life, as it truly is a powerful tool of self discovery and development. If you are someone who feels stuck or wants some angelic assistance to implement change, and are unsure whether this game is for you, I'm holding an Introductory evening where you can come and see what it is all about.  Please Check the website for further details and book your place.

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