Have you ever wondered if you have it?

Ever wondered if you've got it?


In my line of work I come across a broad spectrum of people and maybe it's because of what I do I get this question a lot........ “Do you have to be born Psychic?” Well yes..... and now here's the interesting bit we all are! This is where the discussion gets really interesting, when we are born we are almost untouched by life and as such are innocent. I mention almost as there is evidence now that suggests that whilst we are in our mothers womb we are picking up on the what is happening in the big wide world outside. So we are born and for those first few years require the love and nurturing provided by someone bigger and 'enlightened' in the ways of survival. At this point we are all very much able to sense, use our sixth sense, which might explain why babies sometimes are happy to be around people and places that they don't know (if there is a safe vibration) and at other times become very distressed when they pick up on bad feeling. When I use the word feeling I mean in relation to emotions and thoughts, for our thoughts are very powerful. So are you psychic?Yes you are. It's just that as you become accustomed to your earthly surroundings and influenced by the life around you, it diminishes.

Children often have imaginary friends and in fact children up to the age of seven are more in touch with their sixth sense. As they grow and recognise what is acceptable and what isn't they modify their behaviour to suit the society in which they live. As life unfolds we either detach from the inner voice that acts as a guidance system or we are labelled 'different' . Studies have shown that in conformity there is security and so the pattern unfolds. So going back to the questions “how do I know if I'm psychic”. It can be simply picking up things like; someone comes to mind and then the phone rings and it is that person; something comes to mind from years ago and then you are confronted with it!; you get a strong feeling not to go somewhere or drive a certain way, then you hear there was an accident or it was cancelled; you sense when someone is upset even though at first they say they are fine; you say things generally as examples only to find that the person you are talking to can totally relate to the example, as if you have plucked it from their life experience. The list is endless, in most cases when we are using our psychic ability there is a strong feeling that just makes you feel totally safe, connected and fluid.

In this time termed 'New Age' a lot of people are awakening to the fact that being 'in tune' (using the sixth sense – psychic ability) actually is helpful rather than scary. It helps when making difficult decisions and I can add from a personal perspective the more I allow myself to 'know myself' the more I can recognise when the psychic sense is working, and that in turn helps me let go of others perceptions and habits that really don't serve me! All in all through self awareness allowing myself to listen to that inner voice, I know when I'm on the right track and when I'm barking up the wrong tree.


If you want to develop or rather rekindle your sixth sense, there are many people out there offering opportunities to help you get in touch. If you have thought about wanting to develop or change something in your life, then through developing and re-igniting your psychic sense, it can put you in charge once more so that you are listening to yourself on all levels. I'm organising a Psychic Supper with a difference and that difference offers you the chance to re-connect and learn how in touch you are. If you're interested you'll find more info on www.spiritessence.co.uk


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