Moving on up!

Well actually it's moving West! Just to put the record straight I'd thought I'd write a blog so that those that are truly interested in the truth can read on. Many of you who know me personally will know that when I moved to norfolk 14 years ago, I had a hankering to move to Ireland and through some amazing events orchestrated by spirit, Norwich became my home and Spirit Essence was born. Now with a little help from my spirit friends again (and after a couple of false starts) I'm continuing the journey of Spirit Essence in County Wexford, Southern Ireland. Exciting times are ahead as I find the right location and continue bringing the sparkle to all who I meet on what I can only describe as an incredible journey!

It has been a difficult 18 months as I planned to move out of the city but keep my business going, this didn't happen as I lost my buyer at the last minute and the property I had been in the process of buying. My Health took a nose dive and it was all change as I struggled to maintain my business and keep my house. Although I have been left with some health issues, I am feeling better each day and interestingly as soon as the decision to go to Ireland was made, my house sold and my health improved. (even Mediums don't always listen!) Then it all started to get tangled up again and there was a lack of flow. After making the decision to make the move alone (once more the heavens sent assistance!) I now have secured somewhere to live whilst I sort out the right place to work from and will be leaving in January to make a fresh start. I'll be recharging my batteries and visiting a few fairy forts to introduce myself to the little folk who I'm sure will help keep me pointing in the right direction. wink

I want to let you all know how much I appreciate your support with the events, workshops and groups I have held over the years, and hope you will continue to support those who take my place. I have met some amazing people and although not every moment is one to treasure, they have all been interesting and got me to the point where I am ready to start the next part of my journey. I wish you all a path that will bring you home to the who you really are, full of moments that fill you with courage to take the next step and joy when you know you are on the right track! I have met so many people on my travels within Norfolk and across the borders; my time at Star Throwers came when I just needed to give something back and I feel priveliged to have been a volunteer therapist for many years, meeting many who have become more than clients and colleagues; I will miss my bi-monthly visits to Woodside to provide reiki to residents, staff and visitors, again I feel blessed to have met so many lovely souls. There are so many wonderful souls that have come into my life during my time here and once again I thank you all for being in my life and sharing the journey.

Of course I'll keep you all posted and you are all welcome to be part of the next step, so watch this space! With much love and appreciation.

Tina x

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